How is your cloud security posture?


With an increasing number of recommendations and many security vulnerabilities surfacing, it is harder to triage and prioritize your response. In addition to a growing amount of information, you have limited resources and time.

The Microsoft Defender for cloud helps you to prioritize and track your response to security recommendations. The Microsoft Defender for cloud has the following goals:

  • Single console visualization of your security posture for your cloud and on-premises.
  • Suggestions to improve your security posture efficiently and effectively.
  • Continuous assessment of your security posture.

How does it work?

Microsoft Defender for Cloud continually assesses your resources regardless of where they are hosted for security issues. It then aggregates all the findings into a single score so that you can see at a glance, your current security situation: the higher the score, the lower the identified risk level.

To improve your security posture, regularly review your Defender for Cloud’s recommendations page and remediate the recommendation by implementing the remediation instructions for each issue. Recommendations are grouped into security controls. Each control is a logical group of related security recommendations and reflects your vulnerable attack surfaces. Your score only improves when you remediate all of the recommendations for a single resource within a control. To see how well your organization is securing each individual attack surface, review the scores for each security control.

Defender for Cloud - Security Controls & Recommendations

What’s next?

To learn more about Secure score and other Microsoft Defender for Cloud capabilities contact us.


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  1. Good eye opener for customers on the security vulnerabilities. Keep enriching us with more such valuable information.

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